Permanent Magnet DC Motors Designs & Ratings

DC Motors Designs

  • Two pole permanent magnet design provides excellent commutation even under the most adverse and severe conditions. Allows minimum maintenance and downtime in brush replacement.
  • Electrical designs available for special speed and torque requirements.
  • Permanent Magnet DC Motors at 12 volts through 240 volts.
  • 500 through 5000 RPM.
  • Drip-proof, TENV (Totally enclosed, non-ventilated) and TEFC (totally-enclosed, fan-cooled) enclosures.
  • Permanent Magnet DC Motors designs available for either battery or generator, or rectified A.C. power (steady-state). Standard motor designs available in 1.0 and 1.25 service factor.
  • 1/8 through 2 HP (depending on current limitations and speed).
  • 56 Frame (6 5/8 inch outside diameter) standard, custom housing frames available
  • Special shaft designs available
  • Conduit boxes available as an accessory. F1 or F2 mount.
  • Other accessories include mounting studs, electrical leads, custom mounting bases and custom c-flanges
  • Special designs available to meet MilSpec (military specifications: radio suppression, Navy Service, etc.) requirements.

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