Wound-Field Designs & Ratings

A DC motor is designed to run on DC electric power. Industrial applications use DC motors because the speed-torque relationship can be varied to almost any useful form. In emergency situations, dc motors can supply over five times rated torque without stalling. Wound-field DC motors are are classified by series-wound, split series wound, shunt wound, and compound wound.

  • wound_design1Two and four pole dc motor design provides excellent commutation even under the most adverse and severe conditions Allows minimum maintenance and downtime in brush replacement
  • Rated for high temperature performance
  • Electrical designs available for special speed-torque requirements
  • 12 volts through 300 volts
  • 600 to 6500 RPM
  • Drip-proof, TENV and TEFC enclosures
  • Designs available for either battery or generator, (steady-state) or rectified AC power Standard motor designs available in 10 and 125 service factor
  • 1/8 through 75 HP (depending on current limitations and speed)
  • Series, split series, shunt or compound windings
  • wound_design2Frames range in size from 56 to 404
  • Special shaft designs
  • Conduit boxes available as accessory F1 or F2 mount
  • Special dc motor designs available to meet military specifications (radio suppression, Navy Service, etc)
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